Monday, March 2, 2009

Special Report: Campuses Hit Hard by Economic Downturn

Written by: Michelle D. Anderson
Posted by: Keun H. Maeng

As the country's sagging economy dominates the headlines, college students are being hit in their wallets along with other members of society. Students say they are struggling with higher tuition, gas and food prices and worry that they will be unable to repay student loans after graduation.

With Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke admitting on April 2 that a recession is "possible," while many economists have declared that it has already arrived, many students are looking ahead with dread.

Dante Williams, a senior at Miles College in Alabama, is considering a change of plans. He has financed his education largely through student loans. "I've been thinking about joining the military -- that's still an option -- so that I can get my loans paid off."

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