Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ways to invest while you are in College. Part 2

Posted by Yoshikuni Asaba

Zecco have no commission fee involved when you trading. Scottrade has good customer service, and actually the office is located at city of Syracuse, so that if you have problem, you can easily contact with them. Firstrade, if you are international student and either not having SSN or Chinese Citizen, maybe the final choice. But still, the commission fee is bet lower than others, and first 20 trades will be free if you are invited by someone who has account. Opening account will take several days to complete. You can open the account but if you don’t have income at all, you will not able to use Sell Short, or Buy to Cover option when trading. Since those financial firms have fewer commission fee, you will not use extremely better Real streaming stock track system like Bloomberg we have in SOM. So you might need to track with Yahoo finance, Google finance, Bloomberg, CNBC, and other might be helpful. Sometimes, Google finance’s threads could be helpful and interesting to read other people’s prospects. But please remember all of the risk is on you. So careful when you are trading, and don’t put all your eggs to one basket.

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