Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Colleges Cutting Costs

Posted By:Asim Mohammed

With the economy in a recession, even universities are trying to find ways to cut costs. Financial aid officials at Miami University in Ohio estimate that roughly 1,100 scholarships may be cut back next year, the result of a 25 percent reduction in funds. The school says that students who have already received scholarships will continue to receive their aid but for those students who have not received anything, it will be harder for them to find grants, etc. At the University of Arizona, nursing students will expect a $2,000 fee increase next year. This will raise tuition for instate students to $7,700, almost doubling the cost. A small reduction in library hours at the University of Connecticut, although minimal will affect students and at the same time save the university around $40,000. At the University of Virginia they are planning to shut down they’re public computer labs by 2011 in order to cut budget. University officials, after conducted survey’s last fall, said that since students bring their own laptops to campus the usage of the computer labs have been reduced dramatically. Not only are students and families being affected personally through the recession, but large institutions are also feeling the affects.

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