Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ways to invest while you are in College

Posted by Yoshikuni Asaba

Under the current economic situation, most of the time we hear in the news, article, or even in the class “it is good time to invest.” Thus, I decided to write ways to choose the financial firms for private investors while you are in college. Especially, investing even in small amount of money boost your interest into the real financial world, and the make financial class even more fun than ever! (maybe) However, please remember that all the risk involved in investing is on you. Don’t blame me or Obama that you lost money because of somebody else. It is you that investing, and taking all risk.
First, you have to choose which financial firm you want to put money on. Maybe most of people hear about Ameritrade or E-trade right? We are not going to use those because of higher commission fee. My recommendation will be Zecco (, Scottrade (, or Firstrade ( If you are US citizen, or have SSN, you have no problem opening account at those. If you don’t and you are international students, you might need to contact the operator. (by the way, if you are Chinese citizen, you can easily open account at Scottrade.)

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