Tuesday, March 31, 2009

College = Money

by D. Babbs

As I looked at the cost to attend SU next year, I still couldn’t believe tuition has increased every year since I first enrolled in Fall 2006. I can understand the higher costs if I knew actually what my tuition covered. I know it sure did not cover the $400 health center bill I received when the doctor took my temperature and gave me ginger ale. I strongly believe colleges and universities need to be more transparent in the costs and associated fees that make up a year’s tuition.

Ronald Ehrenberg, a professor of industrial and labor relations at Cornell University, stated “Improving facilities, teaching quality and research takes money, and while schools theoretically could "aggressively try to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and get better by substitution rather than by growing expenditures, they don't do this.”

Fortunately I am a student who receives a lot of financial aid, but for those who pay for college out the pocket, it can be overwhelming especially if come from a family where on paper you appear to have a large income but in actuality, your family has a lot of expenses that consumes most of that income.

Besides loans and scholarships, there are several forms of aid that college students can tap in to including free scholarship lotteries, federal and state government aid, college-controlled aid, and student profile-based aid. One just has to be willing to take the time and effort to research these options. I know when I was applying to colleges, websites like Fast Web, were very helpful and I sure there are many sites that focus on college aid.




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