Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Parents can't pay for college

Posted by: Sarah Reilly

Many parents feel that it is their responsibility to pay for their child's collegiate education. In the past when parents have one maybe two children this is a real possibility depending on the parent’s job, financial status, and their ability to plan and save for the future.

However with the economy the way it is more and more parents are finding it harder to let their children graduate debt free because of the financial burden it puts on them. This concept of students having to find ways to pay for the colleges and universities that they have been accept to is causing more and more students to feel extra stress. It was reported that 7% more collegiate bounds high school students are more stressed about ways to pay for their education.

When the burden of paying for tuition is put on students they must find ways to pay for their education which could mean taking on a job while in school, spending more time applying for scholarships and grants, choosing a different school based on the tuition rates, and for some working with schools to find alternative ways to pay for their education. Many parents who would want to pay for their child's education just don’t have the financial means anymore to be able to make this a possibility.


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