Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pulled Out Of Class Because of Unpaid Tuition

By Velida Alemic

Can you imagine getting pulled out of class and being sent home because you had an outstanding balance for tuition costs. About 300 Marian Catholic High School students experienced this on March 9th. They lined up the students outside the school office and called one in at a time. Many students and parents were frustrated at how the situation was handled. Others did not feel that it was handled inappropriately because everyone had two months notice and phone calls were made a month prior to this happening. One Marian parent said she had to rip up her check she made out for her mortgage and instead write a check out to the school for her daughter’s tuition.

The 300 students owed the school a combined $450,000. Another controversy was that all students, those who owed $750 and those who owed $8,000 were treated the same way; sent home if payment was not made on Monday. Parents and students felt that different measure should have been taken for different situations.

By Wednesday morning, 260 students had made the payment or made arrangements to pay. By March 19th, 10 days after the fiasco, all 300 students returned to school and resumed classes as usual. In order to make this possible, past alumni donated $16,000 to students to help them pay their portion of the tuition. Also, the school handed out $73,000 of its emergency funds to the families of 56 students. With the help of the community, all students at Marian Catholic High School are back and enjoying their education.

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