Monday, March 23, 2009

Health Insurance for College Students

By Lara Turner
Different health insurance providers have different plans for college students depending on what you are looking for and what your school provides. One thing that students should look into is if you want stay on as a dependent of their parent's coverage you need to find out if your health insurance allows your stay on as long as your a full time student or if they have an age cut off. I know as far as my health insurance is concerned, I am allowed to stay on either until I graduate or until I turn 23 years old. I turn 23 a week before I graduate so that is when my coverage will end. Many students are in the same situation as I am and the big problem is that not many people have jobs because of the economy so kids graduating right out of college with no job will have no way of having health insurance.
Obama and Biden have put together some new ideas and a new budget for health insurance that will hopefully be able to help students figure out this problem. This plan does not go into effect until October 1 2009, but the plan will effectively lower costs in pre-existing healthcare plans and make it easier for people without insurance to pay for some kind of plan. 


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