Wednesday, March 18, 2009

College Students Worried About the Future

By: Brandon Zimerman

As a college student about to graduate in a year from college, I am very worried about the economic climate of today. At a time where unemployment is the highest it has been in years, college students have to be thinking what is going to happen to us? Emily Amici a Hamline University senior says, "If I don't have a job, I'll be panicking." Emily shares the same concerns as hundreds of thousands of college students who are about to graduate in the coming months. Many of these students are thinking to themselves, what should I do? Claudia Parliament, a University of Minnesota professor in the Department of Applied Economics and the executive director of the Minnesota Council of Economic Education thinks it's not a bad idea to further your education. "I think it's a good time to be in school right now because you're investing in your own skills and right now when there's not as many job prospects it's a good time for you to make those kinds of investments. So I would say it's a good time to be in school no matter what."


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