Monday, March 23, 2009

Ease the tuition squeeze

By: Asim Mohammed

Magazine) -- You've been waiting for this moment for nearly 18 years: Your baby is almost ready for college. Your finances, not so much. The market's protracted free fall means that your college fund is now worth just a fraction of what you need. Your home's value has no doubt dropped sharply too - no help there. The only thing that keeps going up, you guessed it, is college tuition. So it's goodbye, Dream School U., hello, Central State, right?

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  1. These days, even "Central State" is out of reach for many families.

    The answer to drastically cutting costs is a method called "Credit by Exam" where students can take tests that are worth college credit. Many have used this technique to get college credit for work they've done in high school.

    By the time these students graduate, they have amassed considerable credit and can jump into the college environment as sophomores or better. Credit by exam helps cut costs by more than 50%!

    CLEP exams are one such set of tests worth college credit. They cost $80 and are worth between 3 and 12 credits a piece. That's a lot of bang for your buck!

    Our organization, CollegePlus!, is one of many voices calling for government funding for credit by exam. We can help you earn your degree for a fraction of the cost of traditional education with none of its financial drawbacks!