Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tips On Getting A Scholarship

Written by Craig Rozelle

Getting a scholarship can be a huge boost to your financial situation is a whole lot easier than working to pay your way through college. The first thing to do is to asses your qualifications and remember that there are a lot of people with the same grades as you have that think they are just as qualified. The key is to make yourself different and stand out. There has to be different experiences and leadership skills that you have that make you different from the rest of the applicants. Make sure that you go over your resume multiple times and that you do not leave anything out every last thing that you have achieved could put you ahead of the people you are competing against. While grades are not be all end all, they are very important. Make sure that you keep your GPA up and try and improve it any time you can. As well as if you are applying for a sport based scholarship make sure you keep working on your sport and improving your abilities to be the best that you can be. One of the benefits of a merit based scholarship is that even if your parents have the money to pay for college you can still get the scholarship. This can lead to added independence from your parents and possibly extra money in your pocket. It is also important to decide what type of scholarships to apply for. There are different kinds of scholarships from individuals and from organizations.


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  1. Scholarships are very popular because they ease out financial problems, but they are not easy to obtain. That's why it's important to choose schools that give the opportunity to study with aid. That way, a student can give more time to his or her studies.