Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Financial Aid is Changing with the Economy

By: Sarah Reilly

There is no doubt that college is becoming more and more expensive as time goes on and during the recession that the economy is currently facing many people are only looking at the negatives that are the result of changing times. However, there are some positives for college students when it comes to financial aid and tuition costs.
One positive is that many colleges both private and public are trying to minimize the price increases and some are even freezing their tuition rates. Some colleges such as William Jessup are even cutting tuition to keep students in school. In addition colleges are working with their budgets to try and increase the amount of financial aid available to students. In addition to colleges providing student aid, government grants and federal student loans are increasing the size of Pell, TAP, and decreasing the interest rate.
While students will have greater access to financial aid there are things that can be done to get the best financial aid package. The best things that students can do it is make colleges compete for your enrollment, ask about scholarships and grants, get forms in on time, and consider on-campus jobs. Many schools often offer a wide range of work opportunities for students without work-study, whether it's scraping dishes at the dining hall or organizing lab equipment.
So while people are hurting when it comes to the economy colleges and the government are there to help students out and as long as you do your part by researching grants, scholarships, and other aid opportunities there is no reason why students wouldn’t be able to still pay for college.


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