Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving Home or Be Agressive

By: Sarah Reilly

With everything that is happening in the economy today the graduating class of 2009 is entering probably the worst job market since 2001. Some campuses are seeing declines as much as 50%. This means that students have a few options; continue their education and put off a job for a year or two, live at home and with their parents and find jobs that are not necessarily in the field of their education, or go overseas to find a job.

If current graduates who are not going on to graduate school and are unable to take an aggressive approach to networking, unwilling to accept lower salaries than expected, or who will not consider taking jobs that are not exactly what they want they will surly find themselves moving back home with mom and dad. This is even true for graduates who have been on their own but due to employee cuts have found that they are unable to continue to support themselves. This puts a huge financial and emotional strain on both the student and parents. There is hope for some. Students majoring in engineering, accounting, computer science, and business are now in demand. These jobs are looking for new employees who are willing to take the smaller salary and are willing to work hard because they have student loans to pay back.

In order for students to secure a job in today’s market they must network. There are less and less employers coming to campus fairs and this alone means that there are fewer opportunities to secure the interview which could lead to a job offer. Students searching for a job must be more aggressive and show off their fundamental skills, personality, goals, and have a polished resume.


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