Monday, March 16, 2009

Key to College Finance: Using Student Loan Correctly

Posted by Shu Zheng

It may seem easy to ignore your mounting student loans and debt while in school, but after graduation it is time to face reality.
Within six months to one year following graduation, those dreaded monthly payments will begin. Many college students and graduates are looking for a solution for their student loan debt.

While borrowers may be having difficulty paying back student loans, there is help. Solutions for paying back student loans are available. "Student loan forgiveness programs are available for students," said Pam Shuffield, financial aid loan officer.

While in college, school loans might be all that some students have for money. Many people take out school loans to pay for college as well as to pay for the expenses that come up while they are at college. Therefore, many people spend the majority of their school loans while they are in college.

Often students do not stop to think about paying back loans until it is upon them. However, there are some important things to think about when taking out student loans and paying them back."Never borrow more than needed," said Shuffield. "Try and use money from part-time jobs and your parents (to help keep) from taking out large amounts."

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