Monday, March 2, 2009

Paying for college without breaking the bank

Posted By: Bovemsa Cheung

It now costs an average of nearly $13,000 for a full year of tuition, room and board at a public university and nearly $28,000 at a private school. Perhaps all those zeroes don’t faze you because you’ve successfully squirreled away plenty of money for your child’s education via a 529 college savings plan or some other means. If so, good for you!

But what if you haven’t come close to pulling that off? Then the following tips can provide you with additional ideas about how you and your child can drum up money for school. The links contained within many of these tips and the resources at the end of this column can provide you with much more detail about specific strategies if you need it.

1. Hunt down scholarships. Scholarships are the best way to go because you never have to repay the money. Contact local organizations in your community about scholarships, and do searches on the Internet through sources such as FastWeb, FinAid, the College Board and the Financial Aid Resource Center.

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