Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I just earned my college diploma, Whats next?

By: Evan Lustig

The Economic recession affects on college students has become a more real threat than just having their parents reduce the amount of money available to them. College students who are graduating in the spring are terrified by the inability to get a job for after graduation.  A Hamline University senior said "I had already started interviewing with companies back in like October… But then right around December things just started going downhill, and it's been kind of rough." Currently the highest amount of college graduates is unemployed at a number just under two million as of February. Many of the college seniors planning on graduating in the spring have met with many companies interested in them but have all heard the same thing. These companies are just unable to hire new employees right now. The question is what’s next for these kids who for four years have been planning on getting a job after college to now learn that the chances of that are slim. An option that many of them face is whether to continue onto graduate school and further your degree with the belief that when you graduate in two to three years the economy will be better and your advanced education will give you a leg up on the job search. 


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