Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post-College Finance Tips

by D. Babbs

You're finally on your own. It's exciting, scary and, well, really scary.
First, you'll need a job, but you knew that. A few helpful tips:

Spend the money for a new suit, shoes and a haircut so you're ready for interviews. (See "A survival guide for college grads.")
Don't spend money for a résumé kit; find a free tutorial online.

Find out if your university has an alumni chapter nearby. Alumni are a wealth of information and are often eager to help new graduates.

Be careful about accepting a job in an unrelated field simply because it pays more. This could delay your career progress or trap you in a field that may not make you happy.

You're hired! Once you land a job, you'll breathe easier, but keep a few things in mind:

You'll probably earn more money than you're accustomed to, but Uncle Sam will take a bigger bite, too. Don't spend your first paycheck before you actually get it. (Get an idea of what your take-home pay will look like here.)

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