Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saving for you College Future

Posted By C. Brown

College is a big step for most young individuals and their families. Now, you have made the big choice, what college you're going to and all the new friends you're going to make, but you forgot that the economy isn't doing to well, so where are you going to get the money to go to college from? The Obama Administration is proposing to give more ad in student loans, grants and financial aid. Not only are they trying to help the students and families with the financial burdens of going to school, he is trying to persuade teachers to help the kids excel in class by giving them incentives like bonuses. Now there are many ways students and their parents can save for college, but, how nice would it be for more students to be able to receive more grants and scholarships because of their academics provided by their school/teachers. But something good to look forward to is all the options that are out their for the students. Even though it seems like tuition is rising, the family contribution is slightly staying the same and not increasing dramatically. Also, there are many websites that have helpful tips of what to do from the beginning all the way until the end to save for college, and to save as much money as possible.



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