Wednesday, April 1, 2009

College and finance during recession season.

By Yoshikuni Asaba

Paying for college during recession season is tough without any question, especially Syracuse University offering, and increasing their tuition every single semester. So I picked up some of the questions for paying college. Q1, How will the recession affect the scholarship? A, If you already approved for scholarship, most likely you don’t have to worry about it. But still, many governments and charities have already announced they are reducing the amount. Q – What can I do to receive scholarship? A – Apply or transfer to college that have low sticker prices or give out lots of scholarship like local community colleges and state universities. It depends on school so you better start the action now. Q – How the recession affecting international students who needs to borrow? A- Students who are not citizens are hard to receive credit crunch. Most of international students are not eligible for US government education loans. And the economic difficulties blow all the lenders for foreign students. Hmm as I am international students, this sounds tough for me. I’m glad I’m done school by this semester… Q – How will the recession affect college experience and education? A- Need to pay higher price for course, class will be larger, and fewer the services. So Syracuse will increase the tuition next semester too.


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