Wednesday, April 15, 2009

College Tuition and Rising Standards

Posted By C. Brown

Parents and students need to start saving for college tuition as soon as possible. Even if your child is 2 years old, 16 years worth of saving, can save you a lifetime worth of debt and agony. Parents and students can: look for free college money on the web, use rewards programs to boost your savings fund, save early, don't tap into your retirement fund to pay for college, and take advantage of low stock values. We are in a recession. College tuition is rising at a high rate, less students are applying to more prestige colleges, and more Suny schools are seeing their college applicants rise dramatically. Since there is more of a demand for Suny and community colleges, is tuition going to rise soon? Now since there is an abundance of students applying to Suny schools, Suny schools are being forced to raise the requirements/standards of new applicants. Now students and parents don't just have to worry about how they can afford a college education, but they also have to worry about if their child will even get accepted into a good school, let alone school at all. Since the standards to get into schools now are increasing, more students who didn't have A's in high school or didn't excel above their class, aren't going to be going to college, even community colleges.

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