Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pay Less for your College Education

By: Corey Mutterperl

In today’s world, paying for college has become so expensive. Having a college education is very essential in today’s work but the cost that comes with this education can sometimes be a burden on students. A statistic from the National Center for Education says that the average college student will graduate with $10,000 in debt. There are a few solutions that can help keep these students out of debt. One of the main reasons students are in so much debt is because of the loans they take. To prevent this, students should only borrow what they need and not make unnecessary purchases on credit. Also, another solution can be for students to look into private scholarships. There are many scholarships available that most students do not even know about. This can be very beneficial in achieving a debt free lifestyle. Lastly, students need to create a budget. Each time you receive money don’t spend it all at once, put some aside in a savings account or a CD that could perhaps yield interest. Many banks offer special services to students, which is important for all to know. Based on all the suggestions above, it is evident that if students do all if this, they can be sure to have a more successful and debt free college career and life.  


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