Tuesday, April 14, 2009

College Students=Debt

By: Corey Mutterperl

Students in college have a tendency to spend beyond what they can actually afford, aka our parent’s money. Having to owe someone money or be in debt to something is not a great feeling. In order to decrease the likeliness of this to happen, there are some steps students can take to get from a negative balance into a positive balance. The first step is to make sure in your wallet you only carry your debit card and not a credit card. Debit cards are a symbol of money that you actually have. This will prevent students from spending money that they don’t have. It will also help you to budget what you are spending so that you wont overspend. Another step is to lower balance rates. You can simply do this by calling your company and explaining your situation. The third and final step is to attack your balance. This means do whatever it takes to keep your balance low. Tackle your high interest debt first and work your way down the line. A student should always pay the minimum amount on each card. These are 3 simple steps that every college student should use to keep himself or herself out of debt and worry free. 


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