Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Stay on RIght Track Financially

By: Alcides Hoy Jr.

As we slowly approach the end of this coming semester we must start planning for next upcoming year. Many times parents send their children away and don't provide them with the knowledge and tools in order to form the right financial plan. So we don't lose our minds financially we must consider a few options in order to live good in college. First you want to get some estimates of your possible expenses so you could guess about how much money you will need. The more time you have spent in college, the easier it will be to start the estimate process because you will already have a sense of what how much you spend. If you plan on getting a job or have one already set a standard amount of hours you will work in order to make a set amount of money weekly. If you sense that you spending habits will get out of control try to work more hours in order to support your habit. Secondly if needed get a credit card or set aside an account strictly for emergency just in case money isn't coming in. Many people don't realize how quick something negative could change everything. And lastly get a timetable to figure out exactly when during every month you will need to pay certain bills.




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