Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What are your financial plans for College?

By C. Brown

Are you thinking about how you are going to pay for college? You should be. It is very hard to receive loans now of days. Banks are trying to be cautious and save, so no matter how good your credit is how much you want to take out for school, you will most likely have to get a co-signer and/or your interest rate will be very high and you have to drop through hoops to get money for school. There are a lot more people applying to college, but more parents are convincing students to apply to Suny schools and/or community colleges for 2 year programs to save a lot of money (thousands). Four year schools and other programs as well, are raising the price of tuition and room and board. Everything is becoming so expensive that pretty soon, these secondary schools will start to see the numbers of people applying decrease because of lack of funding. Also, there seems like there is no hope sometimes. Students coming out of college, whether it be a 2 year, 4 year or 5 year program and higher, are having a terrible time finding jobs paying more than minimum wage. Everyone is becoming discouraged about our economy. College/secondary school is the key to success.


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