Thursday, April 30, 2009

College Admissions & Student Credit Card Debit

Posted By C. Brown

College is a big step for most high school students. The question now of days is, how are you going to pay for your college education? Statics show that not only are students and their parents assuming that their child will get into college, they assume that "public" schools are much cheaper than private colleges, so everyone is trying to apply to public colleges. This could be false for a number of reasons. Since everyone is applying to public colleges, it's making the admissions harder, and the number of applicants they select smaller. Public schools are starting to change their requirements for aspiring applicants to apply, while private schools can actually offer more financial help in some occasions. It has also been reported that current college student credit card debit has gone up significantly since the falling economy as well. You will rack up more credit card bills for each grade that you complete. Students and parents need to do as much as possible to make sure the student and the parent can pay the least amount possible for the student to receive an outstanding college application.


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