Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuition for Syracuse University

Written by Yoshikuni Asaba

Tuition for Syracuse University is increasing constantly. Currently, for undergraduate student, the main campus per semester (12-19 credits) $16,090 Per credit (first 11) $1,401, and Per credit (20 or more) $968.
There are financial Aid available for Tuition. During 2006-2007, % of students received is 78%. There are three types of financial aid available for University, Federal Grant Aid, State/Local Grant Aid and Institutional Grant Aid. 19% of students receive Federal Grant Aid, the average amount equal to $5,092. 35% of students receive State/Local Grant Aid, the average amount equal to $3,412. 72% of students receive Institutional Grant Aid the average amount equal to $17,136. There are Dean’s list financial aid available for GPA above 2.5 students in Syracuse which is most commonly received for numbers of students in University. Another way to pay tuition is student loan. According to the Stafford loan interest rate, 2008 through 2009, the subsidized rate = 6.00%, and unsubsidized/graduate rate equals to 6.80%.
If you consider using students loan, we recommend that you consider federal student loan, they offer low-fixed interest rate and the most flexible option for repayment. However, you should be U.S. citizen or U.S. national which not allowed for international students. How sad.


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