Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Graduate School Worth it?

by Jenny Sutton

With jobs being extremely scarce in the United States today, many recent graduates are thinking about graduate school. With hopes of more opportunities with a higher education level, people are increasingly turning to their studies. The only problem is the cost. Without financial support, students are forced to look in other places to aid them in their efforts in higher education.

Whether students are going to school for their MBA or Doctoral Degree, their are many places to look at for help. Grants, Fellowships and Scholarships are some of the most popular forms of aiding these studies. Work study, Assistantships, and Federal and Private loans are more to look into for addition aid. If employed, some employers will offer tuition compensation to employees pursuing a higher degree.

Fortunately, about 82% of full time graduate students receive some kind of financial aid. It is important for students to fully take advantage of their school's advisors to help them in continuing studies. Moreover, perspective students should look closely at federal over private loans since they have fixed interest rates and free insurance. The price of going to graduate school is minimal compared to the average salary increase a person will receive, not to mention the benefit of higher education and insight to the future.

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