Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going To College or Going To Work

By Rudy Armstrong

While watching CNN news I saw a interview with a college graduate student talking about whether or not she picked the right school because of her debt. Students across the nation are “Facing the near-certainty of accumulating large debt from attending college, students wonder if the cost is worth it.” It is clear that in today’s economy that having large college debts and then figuring how to pay them off when most companies are laying off. As a college senior worrying about my college debt and getting a job I wonder if choosing Syracuse University as my choice of University; which cost $44,000 a year! Of course it is safe to say yes go back to school in a recession but is it really worth being in debt to learn another concentration. One has to look at the opportunity cost of if staying in school or going back to school is financially suitable. For example, look for a job that will pay for your graduate school rather then paying for it yourself. Some may say they learn more at work than they will ever learn in a class room, because school can not teach everything that one would learn on their own at the workplace. Maybe as a solution schools should incorporate co-op programs to insure students that their education is going to reward them rather then leave them in debt.


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