Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Point Get-A-Job Plan at the Bad Time

By Shu Zheng

The economy is making it tough for anyone who is seeking a job, and it is getting tougher for college students entering the workforce at this time. It is common today to see students become nervous and uncertain about their future career, due to the economic downfall. Many students say that it is difficult for them not to be worried, even the ones that are not yet graduating this year.

So a question arises: “what would be some tips for college students to get a job right now?”

• Be realistic: You might have a specific idea for a dream job and are worried that it may not be available to realizable for you any more. So stop further dreaming about it. There are a plenty of other jobs that can make you happy and provide you financial wherewithal.
• Stay positive: Employers don’t simply look for great resumes and impressive skills but for people they can work with everyday. So be engaging and positive will make you appear more confident and be able to present your skills confidently to the employer.
• Get proactive: Get on internet, not only search on campus recruiting website, but also company websites, job search sites, go to career fair and get in front of companies will give you more opportunities to find a job.
• Expand your horizon: If you are finance major, don’t only look at the financial institutions. Wall Street firms aren’t the only one destination for you. Check out the companies that have available position on multiple functions, and see if there is anything you may be capable or interested in doing.
• Broaden your geography: Don’t confine yourself within your general vicinity, you need to search opportunities national wide. Having a job outside your vicinity, you might end up with some traveling fun along with work itself.


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