Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saving Money Through Public Education

Posted by: Thomas Gillick

The rough economic times have led to education becoming more and more expensive especially higher education. Private schools have been drastically affected but so have public institutions. Public colleges tuition rates lately have been higher then the rate of inflation since they are not receiving the same amount of funding from the government. This does not necessarily every public school will become more expensive. Some schools in the south such as University of Georgia offer tuition free acceptance for qualifying students. Other schools such as University of North Carolina Chapel Hill still offer plenty of scholarships and financial aid. Other schools help out those coming from a lower socioeconomic area. The University of Virginia gives financial aid for those who qualify and attend their school without the use of loans. Some of the staff at UVA was afraid that those taking out loans would have already built up enough debt to scare them away from graduate school. This would mean that students who are well educated will be more likely to take the first job they are offered rather then to continue their education. To avoid this UVA committed to meet the needs of these students. Although college education is becoming more and more expensive, some schools both private and public are willing to help out underprivileged students.


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