Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being Wealthy = Getting Accepted

By Kaitlin Lanier

As the recession wears on, potential college students are taking a beating when it comes to being accepted. However, it doesn’t hurt the student to have a few bucks in his wallet. Colleges and universities are providing much more financial aid to help families during the recession, so in turn they are accepting more wealthy students to offset the extra costs. Although schools have always somewhat considered a student’s financial needs during acceptance, the recession has changed that outlook since schools are now struggling to remain above water in the finance department.

This is bad news for a student that finds himself outside the wealthy category. These wealthy students are now supplied with an advantage, where not only are they more likely to be accepted, but they are also more likely to receive scholarships, taking them away from other students who are less fortunate. Although it was thought that colleges would try to increase tuition expenses, schools have basically decided to admit one student with financial need for each accepted student with no financial need whatsoever. So everyone, find a partner.

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