Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Grad School Worth It

By: David Lucas

Is Graduate school you next step life after college or will your undergraduate degree be better? Many students face the issue towards whether or not they should continue their education through graduate school. Two things come to mind at first, it is just more money going towards education, but it will allow me to get a higher paying job, or will it? Some students find themselves following their peers towards graduate school because it seems like the thing to do. Some students expect they will automatically get a better job with higher pay. Some students simply want to stay in school as long as they can. But are these the right reasons? With enough research and planning towards your future you will be able to better answer these questions. You may want to ask yourself what kind of job will i be able to get now compared to a job after graduate school. Will the pay for work after graduate school be great enough to pay for all of the the time you spent at school. Research the job you would really love to have and find out what is the difference between your education and a graduate degree? You may find out that you will not be able to get the job you want without it. You have to also take into consideration the fact that the years you spend at school are years lost of possible income. instead of paying for school you could be making $40,000 a year. By the time you would have been done with graduate school you could work your way up the ranks and receive a higher pay. The main point is to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of going to graduate school. Once you have laid out all of the pros and cons, and figured out what will work best towards your future interest then you will be able to decide what you want to do. Put a lot of thought into it because it is a very big decision!

Sources: Feb. 23,2009

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