Friday, December 11, 2009

Why not graduate?

By Alma Zhumagulova

During the recession times some parents may be considering to stop paying for the college tuition of their children. However, this might not be the right move and can be detrimental on the future of the child. Among the college graduates are 62% of those whose parents helped them (i.e. only 38% don’t graduate) and 42% of those who paid for college themselves. (58% don’t graduate). Given this, it is encouraged that parents try to help their children to pay for their education and make sure their child graduates.
About 40% of students of four-year colleges graduate while in community colleges the number is even lower. Among the most common reasons for dropping out are increasing tuition rates, work conflicts (54%), having dependents, poor quality of teaching etc. Only 25% of college students are full-time, living in a dorm type of students, while 23% of college students have children, 45% in four-year universities and 60% on community colleges work more than 20 hours per week. No wonder the dropout rates are so high.
To decrease this scary trend and to reach President Obama’s goal of making the US number one country with college certified people it is necessary to make financial aid available to part-time students, more classes offered at nights, on weekends, summer/winter breaks and online, cutting cost of tuition by 25%, offering more government loans, providing child care to students’ dependents.

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