Monday, December 7, 2009

College Tuition on the Rise

By, Meredith Anderson

The price of college tuition seems to be growing every year. In these hard economic times were our spending needs to be cut and our income might be suffering, it seems that tuition is on its own rising path. Public colleges are faced with an average increase of 6.5% this year and private institutions face a a 4.4% increase. More and more people are shifting over to public schools making the percentage of public school increase and the percentage of private to decrease. Still with the decline in the consumer price index of about 2.1% last year its an overwhelming statistic and reality that college tuition has surpassed the inflation rate.
Sandy Baum, a senior policy analyst with the College Board, recognizes this problem and contributes it to not only the rising prices of tuition but the fact that families incomes have seen no improvement. But even if the percentage of increase decreases during these times it doesn't change the fact that college tuition is still only rising. Some wonder if it will ever stop. In ten years will we be paying $75,000 for college? Where does all our money go? Some say that at these times were jobs are scarce and the focus should be on higher education. We need to teach a whole new generation how to turn this economy around. Our future rests essentially in the about 18.5 million students that attend college each year.

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