Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is College A Smart Investment?

By, Meredith Anderson

The expectations of attending college include gaining knowledge and experience but also to secure a brighter future. With college tuition being so expensive, students are hesitant to enroll. Statistically speaking however, people with college degrees earn much higher wages. In essence it was a secure investment.

With the way our economy has been the job market has been harder on recent college grads. The once secure investment is now a serious gamble. You could graduate college with thousands of dollars in student loans with no jobs lined up to start paying it back. A student recently filed a lawsuit for $70,000 against her alma mater because she felt as if the college took her money and didn't help her get a job. She stated that college was a waste of time and money.

Statistically speaking college level degrees will pay off. People that hold Associates Degrees hold an average of $8,000 more then simply high school graduates and people with Bachelor's Degrees earn an average of $23,3oo more then high school. Even higher degrees such as Masters and Doctorates earn even higher. The job market is hard on everyone now and this investment has never been immediate. In fact it takes years and even a life time to show its true value. The simple fact is that a college educated person still has better luck and odds during this rough time.

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