Thursday, December 10, 2009

College costs too high to cover?

By Robert Katz

With the rising costs of college today some parents are beginning to worry about how they will ever be able to cover the costs of the schools that their kids get into. There are plenty of good strategies that both parents and kids can use to really help decrease on these costs. First, you can never apply for too many scholarships because the more you apply for the more you are likely to get, the application process gets easier the more you complete as well. Other ways are to take more classes each given semester than the average. Most schools will allow you to take well over the 15 credit minimum, so take some 18-21 credit semesters could help you graduate earlier. Transferring is also a very common option, where the costs of community college are very low if you do really well there you could get into better schools than if you apply right out of high shool, and save on 2 years of the costs. Going where you are wanted is also a very good thing to consider because they are the schools that will be more willing to provide attractive financial aid packages and merit scholarships. The government provides a lot of help with this too allowing students to do work study jobs that don't get taxed or provide very low interest loans that don't have to be paid back till your out of school. There are also tuition-free school options that require you to work a job and earn valuable experience while earning your way through school. The high costs of college shouldn't deter you from going where you want and especially from going at all. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are provided for you and put in the time and effort to provide yourself with a great future.


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