Sunday, December 6, 2009

Graduates face unfriendly Market

Posted By: Pete Hill

College is not only a time when a student first becomes independent in their living situation and experiences a major change in their life; it is also a time when students can be put under a lot of stress with trying to find jobs.

With unemployment rising and employers lowering their hiring expectations, soon to be graduates are facing the worst job market in years.
Projected hiring for the class of 2009 is only a little bit higher than 2008 levels, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. In October, employers said they planned to hire just 1.3% more graduates in 2009 than they hired this year

Since many graduates will have a difficult time finding a job, if at all possible, there are options that will help them be able to manage their outstanding loans. The options are pay a percentage, stretch out the loans, or cut the rates.

With millions of experienced workers seeking employment, competition is intense even at the entry level. Many college graduates are struggling with hefty debt and high monthly payments. These limit their professional options, and taking an internship simply is just not adequate to remove any loans.


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