Friday, December 11, 2009

$700 to Party?

By: Kelsey Hoffman

Social sororities and fraternities are great places to meet new people, do good charity work, and help out the campus and community as a whole. They are also great ways to help out your social life. Yet all of this comes at a steep price. Social sorority and fraternity dues range from $200-$1,500 per year, depending on what they include. Pledge and initiation fees are standard and are only paid once when you join. These fees vary from house to house. The dues also must include membership fee, activities, administrative staff, and chapter expenses as a standard. On top of these though, dues range in price so much due to the other activities or such that may be included. Sometimes sororities and fraternities will include social dues as part of the package, as these pay for dinner, drinks, outfits, transportation, and party favors. Dues also may include philanthropy money, as each Greek organization supports a charity each year. Living quarters are also a part of dues if a fraternity or sorority has a house. Members of fraternities and sororities are often given the option to—or are required to-live in the house for at least one year. Fees for living in the house are in addition to the yearly dues, but often cover your meals. Other miscellaneous expenses that could be added onto the chapter dues may include t-shirts, sweatshirts, or jewelry.

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