Thursday, September 24, 2009

Students Get Creative to Pay Off Tuition

by Jameel Murray

Because of the rising tuition costs, students are forced to take out loans that can have them in debt for the majority of their lives. However, some students are becoming increasingly creative in order to pay off the large tuition bill. Students like Corey Walker, an aspiring anesthesiologist who attends Palm Balm Atlantic University, started a blog that asks sponsors to help pay off his college tuition. The blog, offers visitors the opportunity to donate money and also gives Walker the opportunity to do something in his free time.
Many students like Corey Walker are discovering new and creative ways to paying off their huge tuition bill. Tuition has skyrocketed out of control, often leaving students with limited options. According to Krista Walker, a student attending Idaho State University, students are sharing books so they don’t have to buy them. Other students are simply working part time jobs to help purchase food supplies and other necessities. Some students are even selling their sporting event tickets, cashing in on money that can possibly help pay off some tuition or debt. According to Rachel Klosterman, a senior at The Ohio State University, she got $475 for selling her Michigan-OSU game ticket.
We are all aware that college tuition has gone out of control but there are solutions. Students are needed to begin their own ventures that will assist in paying off tuition.


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  1. How creative the students are. Anyway, I wont create a website for my tuition.
    Shawn Gao