Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Money, money here I come!

By Jonathan Tse

Choosing a college major may often seem like a very tough decision because there are so many factors involved. Often most people think that the major they choose will have to be the career that they pursue, but that is not always the case. Still, choosing a college major is still a very important decision of every college student.
Recent studies have shown that the most money-making majors involved mathematics. The major that topped the list of the best paying jobs was chemical engineering. Research shows that only around 4% of all college graduates pursue a major that involves math. This trend in the need for college graduates with proficiencies in mathematics is mainly due to the technology-driven society that we live in today. The five worst-paying jobs turned out to be social work, special education, elementary education, home economics, and music/dance.
The key to making money does not always depend on the major chosen due to the various skills and interest of different people. Passion and desire to progress are more important. If one is interested and works hard to pursue in a certain field, money can still be made. Also, undergraduate degrees do not bind one to the field of the major chosen. Most of the time, if one decides to go to graduate school, the major of the undergraduate degree is rarely a concern. So one can choose to study a completely different topic in graduate school and still succeed. One must understand where one’s passion lies and pursue it no matter what. There is no specific major to choose or way to make money. It all depends on where one’s interests and skills lie.

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