Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learn To Save Money

Posted By Shawn Gao

Facing the recession time, college students are wondering how hard their future will be. At same time, they still need to think about how to save money and pay off tuitions immediately. By getting those loans from credit companies, students will bear the pain of paying off their tuitions in future ten years. So far, It is a common mission for all of college to keep their wallet. From those online news, state college students may find some ways of get their way out of the loans.
Obviously, students are able to save their money by themselves. For example, getting scholarships, going to community college and purchasing used textbooks,etc. Those might be the simplest way to let us be as affordable as possible. Above all, keeping away from desirable product could be effective. Anyway, it is important to ensure that students can be care of swiping their cards each time when they purchase.
Differ from individuals, colleges find that it is the greatest time to boost personal finance courses. "A personal finance course at Wellesley College in Massachusetts is one of America’s 10 Hottest College Classes, proclaims The Daily Beast."(Ismat Sarah Mangla). However, students do not need to spend extra in order to take that course. The saying might be sign that will change future ways of consuming.
Moreover, government releases policies for those middle and low classes families on perfect time. "The Obama administration released two proposals on Wednesday that may change how middle-class families pay for college. "(David, K. Randall) It is not hard to believe that Obama government would put such hard efforts on the families. Balancing the rich and the poor may let U.S get out the recession quicker.


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