Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great efforts on College Finance

Posted By Shawn Gao

Let Obama help students in the recession. Students do not need borrow money from private companies anymore. And bigger range covers more low and middle-income families. Although students are still bearing, they could try to trust the government. Don’t afraid of taking loans from the government because it is more legislate and affordable than private companies. By taking loans from the government, students would have lower interest rate than any private companies. Also, there are 529 plans available for students to take. Moreover, wherever the students are, they can choose those 529 plans all over the United States. In order to let students directly borrow money from government, it eliminated repayments for private companies. More and more low and middle-income family students could join in these plans. Thus, the students don’t have to worry about paying off their tuition again. The responsible government will help them. The new proposals are released just help more students. Obama government release billions of money in order to make sure big range of low-income family students can be benefited by the new proposals. By taking advantages of the proposals, students are taking the loans without more debts. Students are more glad to take loans.


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