Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saving On College Expenses Gets Priority Now

posted by Jameel Murray

When Paul McGinnis heads back to college in Spokane today, he'll be packing more than his CDs, laptop and favorite sports posters. He's also carrying some newfound financial awareness.

Money's tight this year in the McGinnis family, and it's made the 19-year-old college sophomore think twice before whipping out his debit card for every little purchase. Earlier this year, his dad, Greg, was laid off from a 20-year job in the building materials industry and his mom, Nancy, took a pay cut from her administrative job at Kaiser.

Everyone's watching the wallet, including Paul, who will be living in a dorm at Whitworth University.

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  1. It is obvious from this article, that even though the financial crisis affected college students in a highly negative way, it has also taught them to be wiser with their money, to look for scholarships, try to decrease their unnecessary expenses etc., which is a very beneficial skill for their future. - Alma Zhumagulova