Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuition Costs Increase Despite Sour Economy

Posted By Christopher Johanning

The College Board’s latest study on college tuition shows that the price for college has risen by 6.5% — right in the teeth of the recession. But all is not lost. For students and families, there are some more pleasant figures in the study, too.
BankingMyWay will open this — the week before Thanksgiving break for collegians — with a look at college prices going into 2010.
The Big Kahuna of college cost barometers is the College Board’s annual tuition report. This year, the study says that the average price for four-year public colleges climbed $29 on a year-to-year basis to $7,020. Tuitions at private four-year colleges rose 4.4% for 2008-2009 bringing the average yearly cost to $26,273, the College Board says

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